Moneta Markets Grants 50% Cashback Bonus on Forex

Make your forex trading even more profitable with Moneta Markets’ 50% cashback bonus. This offer gives you the chance to reclaim half the cost of your trades as a bonus, giving you extra resources to increase your success. Don’t let this incredible opportunity slip away – start trading with Moneta Markets now!

Moneta Markets Promotion: Get 50 Cashback Bonus

Learn how to take advantage of the 50% Bonus Offers and turn them into actual money!

  • Open and finance an active trading account with at least $500 each month
  • Begin trading Forex, Gold, or Oil to turn your reward into cash
  • Claim your cashback at the commencement of every new moon

Terms and Conditions for Moneta Markets Cashback Offers

  • Moneta Markets Ltd, registered in the Saint Lucia Registry of International Business Companies with the number 2023-00068, is the corporate name behind the trading name Moneta Markets.
  • The Cashback Bonus Terms and Conditions are an important part of the Moneta Markets Ltd Terms and Conditions and all the rules established in the annex are to be taken into account as part of the “Moneta Markets Ltd Terms and Conditions”. Therefore, it is necessary to read both documents together.

Criteria for Qualifying for a 50% Cashback Forex Bonus.

Moneta Markets has put forth an offer to those Clients who meet the Conditions and Criteria of Eligibility as outlined in the sections that follow. It is important to note that all other Terms and Conditions apply and no prejudice is intended.

Clients who set up a live trading account, not a demo, with Moneta Markets are eligible to receive the Cashback Bonus.

Only those with Direct STP and Prime ECN Accounts can take advantage of the Cashback Bonus offer. PAMM, MAM, Ultra ECN and “Cent” accounts are excluded from this promotion.

Moneta Markets provides a 50% Cashback Bonus at its own discretion to any Client, regardless of their geographic location, as long as the company considers it appropriate. The right to withdraw and/or cancel the bonus is reserved to the company in the event of local restrictions or requirements.

Moneta Markets Gives Away Cashback Bonuses on Forex Transactions

When you deposit at least $500 into your live account, we will provide you with a 50% bonus. Subsequently, when you take part in trading foreign exchange, gold or oil, that bonus will be converted into real money.

The more you trade, the greater the amount of Cashback you can receive! All you need to do is set up a live account, deposit money and then apply for the bonus in the client portal.

Open the door to 50% cashback in forex with Moneta Markets. Feel secure and reap big savings on your foreign exchange trades. Act now and don’t miss this special offer – register today!

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