CedarFX Sets Clients Free of Commission

CedarFX is breaking down the barriers of trading and opening up access for all through their 0% Commission Account option. With this account, they are putting the power back into the traders’ hands giving them the ability to use their entire deposit to trade Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Indices, and Commodities. The online broker prides itself on its unbeatable pricing and technology, carving out the perfect environment for clients’ accounts to flourish.  With its 0% Commission Account CedarFX hopes to encourage a new generation of investors to enter the market, who may have otherwise been discouraged by the additional fees.

CedarFX’s 0% Commission Account holders have the ability to make smaller trades without the penalty of a transaction cost, widening their options and giving them the opportunity to build a balanced trading portfolio. For 0% Commission Account holders, the sky’s the limit, as CedarFX does not impose any trading limit on zero commission CFDs. 

CedarFX also keeps its spreads low allowing traders to get more bang for their buck, reducing trading costs across all 170 + tradable assets available on the platform. This also offers up the opportunity for their clients to adopt a scalping forex trading strategy. Moreover, CedarFX offers ultra-fast processing time, with all withdrawal requests processed within 24hrs. 

Eco Account

CedarFX has made a name for itself as the only eco-conscious online broker with its Eco Account offering, in collaboration with UK based social enterprise, Ecologi. Traders who opt for this type of account will enjoy the same leverage, spreads and other instruments as the 0% Commission Account, at an additional $1 commission fee charge. This commission fee will be matched by CedarFX and sent to Ecologi each month. The funds gathered will be used to aid Ecologi’s tree planting efforts and to support a range of Gold Standard certified carbon reduction projects to reduce the number of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere.

Reach the Top of the Trading Tree with a CedarFX account. Benefit from 0% commission, ultra-low spreads, and free transactions by  signing up today. 

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  1. What CedarFX are dong with this approach to trading is commendable in my eyes. Even with the commission free accounts available I still opted for the ECO account. The charges are still low and it makes me feel good in myself knowing the money I pay is going towards something good for the planet. Platform is nice and quick and deposits and withdrawals are straight forward. thumbs up from me


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